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Activities at Bequia Beachfront Villas

The Pirates of the Caribbean set, island of St. Vincent

Friendship Bay Beach

BeqNew 005Bequia is an island surrounded by sparkling clear blue waters. Beach-combing is always a favorite pastime, and colorful fishing boats are the object of constant interest. Chartering a boat can be arranged at our main reception, and will take you to some of the spectacular nearby islands such as Mustique, Canouan, Tobago and The Cays. Bequia Beachfront Villas sits on mile long Friendship Bay beach, which is very private. One may find sun tanning on it’s white, wavy sands, snorkeling at our vibrant coral reef or observing the fisherman set their handmade lobster traps from afar to be most enjoyable while there…

Exploring, exploring, exploring…

Everyone can find something on Bequia. A simple but exuberant trip is to take your rental car on a ferry to St. Vincent, the mainland. One can explore the oldest Botanical Gardens in the Southern Hemisphere, major and smaller sites where “Pirates of the Caribbean” was filmed. The Soufriere, the renowned volcanic phenomenon that has been the object of a half hour show on The “Discovery Channel” found on St. Vincent.

Dining on Bequia

Quaint and extravagant restaurants are found on Bequia, some of the top restaurants in the Caribbean, which draw attraction to celebrities and tourists alike, Bequia is a food lover and critic’s haven! Gingerbread restaurant (seen below) and Mac’s Pizzeria are just a few of some of the best dining in the Caribbean…


Bequia's Sea Turtle Sanctuary

Nature and Bequia

Interesting animal sanctuaries are found all over Bequia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Turtle enthusiasts would be quite happy with Bequia’s “Turtle Sanctuary”, only a 5 minute drive from Bequia Beachfront Villas. Bequia is also a quick ferry ride from St. Vincent with some of the most beautiful waterfalls, boiling lakes, hot springs and nature hikes to be found! SCUBA Diving, Sailing and Snorkeling are also a major part of a time well spent on Bequia, with flourishing coral reefs and white sandy beaches all over…